Website deck


The template is attached for use.

The website can be about anything that should have a need and solution of its purpose being a website.

include the following in your pitch deck:

  • A general overview of your website. This should be no more than 23 sentences and describe your site at a high level. While this overview should not contain details, it should describe your website clearly.
  • A minimum of three problems that your website will attempt to address. The problems must follow these guidelines:
    • Each of the problems should be realistic (think of actual problems that exist) and appropriate for your proposed website. For example, people often struggle to remember to pay bills on time (a realistic problem), but a website with a designer’s portfolio would not solve that problem in any way.
    • Consider why this website is needed in the first place. The examples provided to you throughout the course are for a website on national parks, so the problems could be as follows:
      • Looking at all of the information for a park on the National Parks website is overwhelming.
      • People do not connect with park photos and videos taken by professionals.
      • The popular stories about adventures at national parks can make the parks feel inaccessible or dangerous to some.
  • A minimum of three solutionsone for every problem stated on the previous slide.
    • Again, these should be realistic and appropriate for the proposed website. Using the national parks website example, an e-commerce tool is something frequently incorporated into websites but would not be realistic (because of additional cost) or appropriate (because the site is informational).
    • Some examples of realistic and appropriate solutions for the park’s website could be:
      • A condensed user-friendly website highlighting some of the national parks.
      • Photos and videos taken by non-professionals of their experience at the parks mentioned on the site.
      • A way to contact the website creator to ask more about their personal experience at the parks.
  • An outline of your website, adding the names of each of the sections followed by a more detailed breakdown of what will go in each section. In the PowerPoint template, there is a slide set up for this information to be placed.
  • A summary of what you have shared in the pitch deck. This should be no more than 23 sentences and highlight why this website is something that needs to be created.