week 1 Assignment

The assessment cycle is an important part of the classroom environment. As early as the first week of school, teachers observe their students academic abilities and classroom behaviors, and assess learning progress. Based on their observations, teachers modify instruction to differentiate for individual students, and communicate feedback that allows students to set achievable learning goals and foster ownership of learning.

For this assignment, create a graphic representation of the assessment cycle. The graphic representation should include the following assessment stages:

  1. Observing student performance
  2. Designing instruction
  3. Pre-assessing students
  4. Analyzing pre-assessment data and observations
  5. Delivering instruction
  6. Post-assessing students
  7. Analyzing post-assessment data
  8. Providing feedback to students and other stakeholders.

For each stage in the assessment cycle, write a 50-100 word description outlining the teachers responsibility during each stage of the cycle, the students role during each stage, and the use of data in each stage to support the next step in the assessment process.

Discuss how each of the eight steps fit into the assessment cycle as illustrated in the Assessment Process resource.