Week 11 Discussion Health Care Costs

Health Care Costs

What kinds of public policies might be designed to give individuals more incentives to remain healthy and reduce demand for costly health services? Please give at least two examples of specific policy instruments that might be used to incentivize healthier behaviors.

Absolutely NO use of AI, must only be in HUMAN text!

Please make sure when quoting you use citation marks with citation. In addition, sentences must be specific and backed up by book evidence. Only use information strictly from the book which will be in the following link.


I will provide a VIDEO LINK with the chapter pages on it. LINK:

You can pause in the video between to look at the pages. Quotes/Evidence must have Quotation marks with citation for body paragraphs!! Only use info from the book for your response.

  • Paragraph 1: intro/a clear thesis statement, which directly addresses the question(s) posed and gives readers an indication of the argument you plan to make;
  • Paragraph 2: direct reference to the assigned materials (to illustrate your comprehension of the assigned materials);
  • Paragraph 3 and 4: (2 bodys) a body of factual examples/evidence that supports your thesis and develops your argument;
    • To be clear, you MUST reference the assigned materials using direct quotations, or cited, paraphrased passages, in order to receive full credit for your submission. Responses that don’t have substantial and significant references to the assigned materials (readings and/or videos) will receive a grade no higher than a D.
  • Paragraph 5: a coherent paragraph structure that emphasizes the main points of your argument and college-level English; and,in other words, you should have multiple paragraphs
    • Paragraph 6: a succinct concluding paragraph.
    • These responses do not need to be lengthy essays, but they do need to be substantial and thoughtful and demonstrate your attempt to understand the cases and materials. If it appears that you are Googling answers or taking any other shortcuts (anything other than reading the materials and undertaking independent research), you may not receive credit.