Week 13 Course Project

Use (at least) 3 references

Use speaker notes 

Include 12-15 total slides

Use a diversity of words and relevant visuals

Choose a dynamic PowerPoint template

Include a Title Slide & Reference Slide 

Use the 6 X 6 rule for creating the PowerPoint slides for a succinct delivery

Use the guidance below to cover all elements along with the course resources related to corporate social responsibility. 

  1. Ben & Jerry company the basis for your research.
  2. Research the  Ben & Jerry companys record in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Consider their domestic and international reputation.
  3. Provide background on Corporate Social Responsibility (why and when CSR started and why companies need to have CSR policies?). 
  4. Provide background on Ben & Jerry company (type of business/product/service). 
  5. According to the research, how effective is the  company in regard to CSR? Use the enclosed article as background on various CSR initiatives that top companies are pursuing.  
  6. Describe specific examples of corporate actions/programs/initiatives taken by  company . How effective are their initiatives? How are they measuring CSR success?
  7. Does a companys approach to CSR influence your purchasing decisions? Why or why not?