Week 3: March 25 – 31

Criteria for Case Study Report


The case study report should consist of a 3-5 page assessment of the case. Your report should include at minimum 5 external sources (one can be your text). It would help if you used proper APA formatting. The report should cover the five categories outlined below. Grades will be derived from how well you answer the questions below and how well you objectively analyze the case. To answer these questions thoroughly, you will have to do some outside research.

Categories for evaluating the cases:

1. Introduction/Theory

What theoretical framework did you use to analyze this case (must pick at least one)? Provide a short literature review of that theory (about 1 page).

How does the four-step public relations process apply to this area of PR work? Address Below:

2. Research

Does the case give adequate background information about the organization itself? What was the major reason for conducting this program? Was the program proactive or reactive? Which audiences were targeted for communication? Should other audiences have also been targeted? How were research data about each audience obtained? Were the data as complete as necessary? Is there anything unusual about the research phase of this case? What are the research strengths and weaknesses of this case?

3. Objectives

Categorize this cases objectives. What are the impact objectives? Specify informational, attitudinal, or behavioral. What are output objectives? Should they have been more quantitative? Were output objectives used when the ultimate goal was really to impact? What is your overall assessment of the objectives used in this case?

4. Programming

Evaluate the theme (if any) used in this case. Is it short, catchy, memorable, and to the point? What major messages or messages are communicated in this case? Evaluate the central actions or special events in this case. Are they truly worthwhile and newsworthy? Are they pseudoevents? Evaluate the types of uncontrolled and controlled media that were used. Were any forms of communication omitted that should have been used? Was adequate use made of interpersonal communication? Discuss using such communication principles as source credibility, salient information, effective nonverbal and verbal cues, two-way communication, opinion leaders, group influence, selective exposure, and audience participation. How effectively were these principles used? Explain.

5. Evaluation

Was each of the cases objectives separately evaluated? Describe the evaluative methods used. How appropriate and effective were these methods? Did the program achieve its stated objectives? Was there a real link between the cases objectives and its evaluation?

6. Overall Judgments

As a whole, how effective was this public relations program? What are its major strengths? Major weaknesses? Explain. What are the major PR lessons or principles to be learned from this case? What, if anything, would you do differently if you were assigned a public relations problem like this one?

Discussion 3 Criteria

Rubrics accompany each discussion, so it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the rubric process and check it each time you complete a discussion. Describe and explain the tactics of the pork industry regarding the pig stall issue. In your opinion, how effective were these strategies and tactics?