week 4 assignment


  • he purpose of the lifeline interview project is to encourage you to think about key developmental issues that impact yourself and a relative or other adult (ideally born in a different developmental stage than yourself, such as a parent or grandparent. This allows you to examine how external forces may impact the lives of others. You should have completed the interview (Refer to the Week 3 Assignment) and developed timelines (as discussed in the Week 3 Assignment).  For your Week 4 assignment, you should now take the gathered information and relate it to theories. The intent of this paper is to gain greater insight into how developmental issues influence yourself and someone in a different developmental stage.  * Do not turn in the interview. You are writing a paper and generating timelines for your relative and yourself. Writing the LifeLine Paper: Write a summary of your interview. The summary should include:  
    1. What were 2 or 3 important life events in your relatives life and how did those events affect them.
    2. What were 1 or 2 historical events in your relatives life, and how did those events influence his/her life? Identify Erikson’s developmental stage the important life events and the historical events that occurred? Relate critical turning points in your relatives life to social and cognitive development to explain the impact of each event.  
    3. Identify critical turning points in your own life, some that you have experienced already and some that you anticipate. Relate these points to theories about social and cognitive development to explain the impact of each event.
    4. Compare your relatives lifeline and yours in your paper (be sure to include the timeline as a separate attachment or in the same Word document). 
      1. What are the similarities and differences in the timing of events between your relative and yourself?
      2. What are the possible reasons for those similarities and differences?
      3. How do these events transform you or your relative to “different” people?
    5. Grading Criteria: The grading criteria for this paper will be based on how well you are able to relate your gathered material to theories in developmental psychology.  Your paper should be a minimum of 4 pages plus the timelines.  Papers will be graded on the following criteria:
    • APA format: 10 points
    • Timelines: 20 points
    • Breadth/Depth: 20 points
    • Incorporation of theories: 30 points
    • Discussion of developmental stages and impact addressed: 20 points 
    • Please click on the ” Week 4 Assignment: Interview” link above to go to this week’s assignment. Your assignment is due on Sunday at midnight.