Week 4 Discussion Board

Background: Good newsthe company you chose in Week 1 is expanding geographically to improve business operation/performance. Here are some ways that the company might expand. It could add low-cost suppliers from overseas. It could locate field sales personnel on-site with customers. It might partner with European designers to add a new cachet to its products. It could open up new locations closer to customers or suppliers. It might offer new mobile apps in local languages for remote customers. It could partner with world-class universities to design new high-tech products. It could contract with local marketers and distributors in remote regions. What other ideas do you have to operate with customers and/or other businesses in new geographies? Even with a focused business strategy, geographic expansion can be beneficial.

Discussion: This discussion aims to show how a geographic expansion with the right systems and networking technologies can improve business operations/performance.

  1. Using the company and Porter generic business strategy you described in Week 1, discuss one way that company could improve its overall business operations/performance by doing business in new geographies.
  2. Based on your expansion plan, describe the systems (customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing, and/or mobile apps) needed for the expanded operation. Consider the information required to run the business and the system(s) where that information is processed.
  3. Determine the networking technologies the company would need to connect with customers, distributors, designers, and/or suppliers in the new geographies. In addition, if your expansion plan involves new physical locations, identify the networking technologies that employees in new locations would need to connect with others in the company.
  4. Describe some technological and business risks associated with geographically dispersed operations, and explain how you will mitigate those risks to ensure improved business performance.
  5. Include in-text citations in your posting and provide references in APA format at the end.

After you have made your discussion board posting, respond to at least two other students with suggestions for, or questions about, the systems and networking technologies required for successful business operations involving new geographies. Make sure you respond to questions raised by other students about your expansion plans.