week 4 diss

“Data Manipulation”

click on the link below. Be sure to address each point in your discussion post, making sure that you are using scholarly literature as support.

  • Next, pick a political party and then click on the different options to see which data will produce something you could publish.
  • Which data did you need to include in your “study” to produce something that could be published? Did it matter which political party you chose? Describe some of the data you chose and what needed to be excluded as well.
  • Take a look at the x-axis and y-axis. Based on what you have learned, are these variables objective?
  • Is p-hacking ethical? Explain why or why not.
  • After analyzing this example, has this changed how you view and evaluate research?
  • What are some steps that can be taken so that your own research can be trusted?