week 5 ass 2


Many people like Juan and Maria live where industrial poultry or livestock operations have become established. Suppose the well water is found to contain high levels of nitrates after Juans most recent test and Juan and Maria cannot move due to income limitations. A term used to describe situations in which undesirable industries or waste disposal sites are preferentially located in low-income or minority areas is known as environmental injustice. Not only must residents who live in rural communities be aware of water contamination, but they also must be aware of air pollution and soil toxicity.

  • List three additional precautions Juan and Maria could have taken to protect their health before purchasing their current home.
  • Identify the steps they could take to improve their chances of a successful pregnancy.
  • Describe what they might do to restore the safety of their well water.
  • Identify the local, state, and federal agencies that might be able to help them.
  • Analyze whether Juan and Marias situation might suggest that theirs is a case of environmental injustice.
  • Describe your states regulations regarding the establishment of huge factory farms.
    • Identify whether industrial hog farms are problem in the county or state where you live.
    • Identify whether industrial cattle feedlots are problem in the county or state where you live.
  • Explain how you became aware of environmental health issues.
    • For example, prior to reading this scenario, were you aware of the dangers posed to residents living in rural farm areas?

The Environmental Health assignment