week 6 discussion


Topic B:

Hazan and Shaver (1990) have done research on adult attachment where they describe avoidant, anxious/ambivalent, and secure adults. Do these adult styles seem to map well to the infant attachment styles? How much continuity in styles would you expect to exist across the lifespan? Discuss experiences after infancy that might alter one’s attachment style? Do these attachments really impact self-concept and mental health status?

What is the theory of mind? How is it assessed? What role do desire and desire-belief psychology play in this process? What developmental changes occur in acquiring a theory of mind? What factors affect its emergence?

Airenti, B. (2015). Theory of mind: a new perspective on the puzzle of belief ascription. Frontiers in Psychology, 6:1184. 

 Complete the following readings from the textbook, Life-span Human Development: 

  • Chapter 12: Social Cognition and Moral Development
  • Chapter 13: Emotions, Attachment, and Social Relationships

In addition, refer to the following websites (optional):