week 7 powerpoint


AssignmentClick for more optionsFor this assignment, you will create a video presentation on the article that was approved by your professor in week 1. If you have changed your mind, please contact your professor to receive approval for your new article.

  • Option 1: You will create a PowerPoint (or equivalent) of your presentation and add a voice-over.
  • Option 2: If you are unable to add voice-over to your PowerPoint,  you will create a PowerPoint (or equivalent) of your presentation. Next, you will use  (or a similar program) to create a video recording of your screen and voice as your present the information. Third, you will upload the video presentation to  so your professor can view it. If you choose this option, you will submit your article as well as the PowerPoint (or equivalent) file and the link to the YouTube presentation to complete this assignment.

Guidelines:The presentation must include both audio (your voice explaining the information) and visual (PowerPoint presentation including text and/or images). Videos should not be used within the presentation.The following should be included in your presentation:

  • Discuss the background and purpose of the study
  • Identify the experimental hypotheses.
  • Summarize the basic methodology.
  • Summarize the most important results.
  • Discuss strengths and weaknesses in the research.
  • Discuss the significance of these findings to the field of behavioral neuroscience

The presentation must be 15 minutes long (no more than 20). You are not required to use outside references aside from your article. However, Do NOT read direct quotations during your presentation. EVERY statement must be your own words.

Please write something in your own work regarding slides so that I may record please use lay terms. Thank you