The previous company I worked for was a warehouse that imported fruit from China and sold it to local supermarkets. The following examples of each of the PESTLE factors have applied to the company I worked for:


– USDA requires to apply Plant and Plant Products Import Permits for importing fresh and frozen fruits to the US

– High tariffs imports fruits from China to the US


 – Because of covid, the containers were backlogged at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. After the container stayed at the terminal for nine days, we had to pay an additional container excess dwell fee.

– The transportation process was slower than expected, and the fruit in the container went terribly, resulting in economic losses


– donated leftover and still in good condition fruits to churches, food banks, homeless, etc.


· Use social media platforms to stay in touch with overseas suppliers and customers in the US. 




 - Weather would affect farming. For example, high temperatures, decreased precipitation, flooding, and untimely freezes during critical growth phases would cause the fruit to grow poorly or have zero harvests, which yields an unstable supply.