Reading comprehension is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and integrate what the reader already knows. With various levels of reading ability in each classroom, it’s important to be able to prepare lessons that assess students’ comprehension at these various levels. One tool that can be used to help students of varying abilities identify story elements and increase their comprehension is a story map. 


Assume you are a third-grade teacher in a local elementary school. During the first few weeks of the semester, you notice that your students seem to be split between three reading levels. One-third of the students seem to be struggling to read at a third-grade level; another third read at a third-grade level, and the last third are reading above the third-grade level. You have been asked to develop a strategy to increase student reading comprehension across these various reading levels using children’s literature.  


Read “ .”  


Read “ ” from Reading Rockets. 


Read “ .” 


Choose a children’s literature book to use for this activity from Reading Rockets’ “ .” 


Develop a strategy for how students can best learn how to comprehend a story, based on the three reading levels you have identified in your classroom. 


Include the following in your strategy: 

· A set of questions that students can use to make sense of the selected book 

· Modeling, demonstration, or guided practice with students (i.e., model or demonstration of how to apply the strategy, retelling the story to the students, assisting and guiding students in use of the strategy) 

· Creation of a story map that can be used by students at the three reading levels you have identified. Address the following elements: 

· Beginning 

· Main characters 

· Setting 

· Time 

· Middle 

· The problem in the story 

· Plot/events 

· Attempts to solve the problem 

· End 

· Final problem resolution 

· Cause and effect if applicable 

· Other graphic organization elements if needed 

· A description of how you will monitor and assess student comprehension 


Reflect on your strategy, answering the following question: 

· What are the benefits of using literature in your curriculum to support various reading abilities and reading comprehension? 


Cite any references used to support your assignment. 


Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. 


Submit your assignment.