You will provide security recommendations by designing three physical control diagrams. These diagrams should reflect what you think are optimal levels of security. As a member of the information security team, your role is that of a risk advisor, not a decision maker. The budgeting portion of the project will be completed later, and the budget is not your focus. 

Learning Resources

Review these resources to learn more about physical control planning for your assignment: 




Download Instructions

Download the   and save it as  FirstName_LastName_Physical_Security_Plan

The file, containing three maps of the hospital, should download as a Microsoft PowerPoint. You may have to click the "Enable Editing" button.

For each map, click the icons in the map key and drag them to the place on the map you believe they should be located. If you want to place an icon multiple times, you can copy the icon by right-clicking or selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C, and then pressing Ctrl+V as needed.

The   contains follow-up questions related to the maps. You will submit the template and the maps next week for the Physical Security Plan assignment.