In-Depth Activity

Go to   , and select the test “What is your privacy profile?” This test has been designed to tell you what you think about data privacy and how different you are compared to what others think about this topic. It should take about 10–15 minutes to complete. At the end of the test, it will provide you with your results and classify you in terms of whether you are not concerned, somewhat concerned, or very concerned.

1. Do you consider this to be an accurate reflection of how you view privacy?

2. Did you think the video shown was effective at raising potential problems of what data is collected in a smart building? If not, what other scenario could be used in a video to ask people to consider privacy concerns?

3. What impact do you think the context chosen for the scenario might have on your reactions? For example, if the scenario involved a doctor's surgery, might you have reacted differently, and if so, why?

4. What do you think of labinthewild.org as a platform for conducting large-scale online experiments from volunteers?

5. Did you find any other information on the website interesting?

NOTE: You receive a warning message about the security of the website, it is safe for you to proceed to the website. You will not be asked for any personal or financial information.