1 KG604 Graduate Research & Critical Analysis Lesson Plan: Week 6 Dr. D. Tennyson, DBA

Construct an Objective Summary – Individual Assignment

I. Instructions for Creating Sample Objective Summary (Not Graded): Each student should use an article related to the topic of the Term Project – Research Paper to create one sample Objective Summary for one article:

1. Please review the “Week 6 – Lesson Plan document, and other resources in the Week 6 Content Folder, in Blackboard, for information about constructing the Objective Summary.

2. Each student in the class should create 1 sample Objective Summary for 1 article the group will use for writing the Term Project – Research Paper.

3. Note that the Objective Summary should include 3 paragraphs: Introduction; Body (1 paragraph that includes summaries of major points in article, in relation to the topic selected for the group’s Term Project – Research Paper); and a Conclusion.

4. Note that the Objective Summary submissions should be in APA format including an APA 7 formatted Title Page and Reference Page.

Sample Objective Summary is Due on or before 11:59 pm (EST) on Friday, February 10th.

– Post the Sample Objective Summary in the drop box in Week 6 Content Folder by Saturday (02/11) at 11:59 pm.

– The Professor will post feedback about the content of the Sample Objective Summary within 3 days.

– The individual will be notified when feedback is posted.

– The student should review the Sample Objective Summary updated with the Professor’s feedback (during Week 7); incorporate suggested revisions in the Objective Summary and apply suggested revisions to 2 additional objective summaries used to write the Term Project – Research Paper.

– Note that Objective Summaries for 3 articles should be submitted as Assignment 3 due Week 7 (due 02/18 by 11:59 pm).