Consider: Therapy can be the vehicle to assist a person in achieving their level of potential fulfillment. Psychologists and other health care professionals are most successful when they work with clients to reduce discrepancies between self-image (how a person sees themselves) and ideal self (what a person would like to become). According to therapist Carl Rogers, psychotherapy requires three conditions to be effective:

· compatibility between the therapist and client

· the client feels always feels  acceptance from the therapist

· the therapist offers  empathy and understanding


Respond to all three questions in 175+ words (total).

1. If you were a therapist, how would you create an optimal environment for therapy?

2. How would you manage the therapeutic relationship to ensure (A) counselor congruence, (B) unconditional positive regard, and (C) empathetic listening are met? (Ch. 10, pp. 322-324)

3. Do you think you could incorporate these interactions (congruence + complete acceptance + empathy) with others in your daily life? Or parts of your life? Why or why not?