Worldview Assignment 15 points


Directions: Type your responses to each question in a bold or different-colored font from the question, answering the questions to the best of your ability. For each question, limit your response to a few sentences.

Article 1: “Me and My Worldview” by R. Wesley Hurd

1. What ideas struck you as sound, interesting, inspiring, etc.? (1 pt)

2. What ideas (if any) challenged your way of thinking or made you feel hesitant toward accepting this article’s discussion? (1 pt)

Article 2 “Worldviews” by Jerry Solomon

3. Summarize the Christian Theist Worldview: (1 pt)

4. Summarize the Naturalist Worldview: (1 pt)

5. Summarize the New Age Pantheist Worldview: (1 pt)

Article 3 “What is Your Worldview?” by Clyde F. Autio (10 pts)

In the chart below, you will compare and contrast your personal worldview and the worldview of one of our main characters in this week’s play: Ruth, Walter Lee, Beneatha OR Lena. To complete this analysis, you will answer three of the worldview questions that Solomon and Autio present.

The chart below works like a Venn diagram – differences in belief between you and your chosen character are listed in the outside columns and similar beliefs or values are listed in the middle column. Because these characters are fictional, this assignment is, of course, speculative or hypothetical to some degree; however, your assessment of the character’s beliefs should make sense with the information that we know about the person from the story itself.

Jada Nelson

<Character Name>

Your beliefs that are different

Shared beliefs

Character’s beliefs that are different

What is the condition of human nature (Solomon)?

What and who guides me in my moral and ethical decisions (what is true and what is false – Autio)?

How should I conduct my life (Autio)?

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