write about these poems

1.8 Discussion: An Idea of Gold

*You will not be able to read other students’ comments without first posting your own!

As you read through the first week’s selections of poems (1.5 An Idea of Gold: What Is Poetry?; 1.6 Time Confounds and Wounds;and 1.7 The Devil’s Box: Classical Forms), select one poem to re-read closely and make a comment in the Discussion.

1. Take part in this discussion by stating the title and author of the poem you’ve chosen. Make one meaningful citation and explain/interpret it. (6-10 sentences)

      • State the author’s full name and the title of the poem.
      • Make a citation and interpret it. What do the quoted lines mean, and how do you think they reflect one theme or idea in the poem? Explain!
      • Why have you chosen this poem?

2. Then respond to at least two other student posts by making a meaningful and engaged response (6-10 sentences each)

      • Re-read the poem that each student makes a comment about.
      • Respond in a meaningful way to engage their ideas about that poem. Earn the points!