Write in APA format

Week 5 Discussion ()

Using what you have learned in the program thus far, in addition to doing additional research, discuss the similarities and differences when managing an IT project vs. any other project. Specifically, what risks are associated with IT projects, and how would you manage and mitigate the risks?

Week 5 Professional Assignment 4 ()

Phase 3 Project Design

This chapter will provide the full details for the proposed project solution. This is really the meat of your project. Details for this section will include all information needed to make the solution work. For example, if you are writing a program or designing a set of web pages, this section will include brief detailed descriptions, mock-ups, or functioning code. This chapter will also include full written descriptions regarding the functionality of your solution. For example, if you are designing a network solution, it will include diagrams for network connectivity. If you are writing a security solution, it will include written details about the security equipment, software, tools, or other methods that need to be implemented. It should also include any required budget information to help business leaders plan. This section should be between 7-10 pages in length. You are welcome to add this chapter to your ongoing assignments so that you continue to build your full project paper.