Write Your Objective Summary ( ponzi scheme)

Assignment Content

  1. At this point, you have found your research articles exploring your approved research question and you have learned how to find your 6 ‘ingredients’ during class (contact the Graduate Research Center for help if you need it: kgs_researchcenter@monroecollege.edu OR the Virtual Library accessed through the Content page).

    In Class: You learned about the W(5) H(1) and completed Phase 2 on p. 13a of your Final ‘Mission’ Packet (Found in W. 4’s HW). This will be IMPORTANT for Week 6 so you MUST complete this before our next meeting. These notes will also help you with this assignment. See below

    For this assignment:  You will choose ANY ONE of the research articles you submitted for W. 4’s HW and complete the following in a WORD document. 

    • 15 pts, Cover/Title Page 
    • 70 pts, Objective Summary: W(5) H(1) — YOU MUST PUT THIS IN YOUR OWN WORDS (Check your similarity BEFORE you submit) 
    • 15 pts, References Page (you will only have one reference listed — the research article you are using. Use the CORRECT references formula in the Foundations text to help you – found in Course Resources folder) 
    • Resources to help you:
    • Re-watch the class recording
    • In Foundations Text:
    • See pp. 17-22 to read about objective summaries
    • See pp. 23-28 to read more about avoiding plagiarism
    • See pp. 33-34 for Journal references formula