Introduction: background/context.  Devote one sentence to an overview of the First Amendment and public college campuses.  A couple sentences that provide an overview of the Rasmussen and his tweet.  Thesis statement.

  1. Body paragraph 1: fully explain the First Amendment and how it functions on a public college campus.  Very few limitations (threatening an individual) but otherwise, you are allowed to say what you want without fear of governmental repercussions.  A democracy values everyones ideas and opinions, so allowing everyone to express themselves in school models the values of democracy (ACLU). 
  2. Body paragraph 2: Harm of allowing Rasmussen to keep his job.  Rasmussens bias could manifest in worse grades for female students and therefore negatively impact their education.  In the classroom, students might not feel respected and therefore become disinvested in succeeding in that class.
  3. Body paragraph 3: Benefit of allowing Rasmussen to keep his job.  Debate his ideas and prove him wrong.  His public announcement of bias allows female students to make the choice not to enroll in his class.
  4. Body paragraph 4: Harper values respect.  Quote from the Harper website (respect).  We can respect his ideas but he doesnt appear to respect other peoples. 
  5. Conclusion: If we want all students to be treated with respect but also need to enforce Freedom of Speech, what can we do?  Cant fire him for what he says but we can fire him if he doesnt do his job.
    1. IUs solutions: double blind grading and alternative class (quote the article).  Explain how this eliminates bias.  Drawbacks this costs of the college money.
    2. Students can boycott his class.  If students dont enroll, Rasmussen wont have a class to teach and can lose his job. 
    3. Historical analysis of the grades his students have earned.  If there is clear bias, then he can be dealt with.