Writing Question

Project should include the following:

PART I: Assessment

1. Company Profile: introduction for the company that describes the nature of the business model. It should also include the volume of the business: capital, turn over, sales, etc.

2. Department Profile: Describe details of Training and Development functions and how it contributes to the company operations. It also shows the inbound activities (input parameters) to your function (Training and Development) and the outbound activities (output).

3. Function process: A detailed description of the business process of Training and Development starting from the inbound activities till the outbound activities. It should include the flow chart of the process, resources and roles.

4. Process metrics: areas to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the process of Training and Development. These metrics should be cascaded down to define quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs).

5. Process limitations: It includes the critical factors (internal or external) that may disturb the smoothness of process flow. It may include also bottlenecks and possible areas for improvement.

PART II: You as a Leader

6. Select one of the areas of improvement (identified in step 5) and decide what change needs to be done. Address the following

a. How is this change will synchronize with companys vision?

b. Provide a stakeholder analysis to get support of your sponsors

7. Provide example(s) on possible change resistance.

8. How would you envision the destructive technologies will organization / market in the coming 10 years?

9. Orientation of your team: the primary objective of this step is to constitute the team that will address the problem at hand and ensure that all its members have a clear picture of the relevant issues. You may address their needed competencies.