200 word Discussion with references

Electronic Health Record (EHR) workarounds are practices that healthcare professionals may use to bypass or circumvent issues, limitations, or challenges presented by EHR systems. These workarounds can arise from a variety of factors, such as system design flaws, lack of proper training, workflow inefficiencies, or the need for quicker access to patient information. While workarounds may seem beneficial in the short term, they can pose significant risks to patient safety, data integrity, and overall healthcare delivery.

What are the most common EHR workarounds you’ve encountered or observed either in your clinical experiences or your job setting? How do you believe these workarounds impact patient care and data integrity?

Given the motivation for developing a workaround and the danger these can create, what strategies or best practices can nurses and healthcare organizations implement to reduce the occurrence of EHR workarounds and promote a safer and more efficient use of electronic health records?