In all cases, justify your answer and include appropriate in text citations and a reference list. All questions are related to Chapters  12, 13,16, 17, 22, 38-43, 67, and 70.  APA 7th edition. references for each question. in the book Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care 8th edition

1). Chapter22 describes policy processes related to determinants of and policy processes to mitigate health disparities. How would you describe your current relationship to the alleviation of disparities in your practice. Describe a time when you feel you could have done a better job of successfully managing a disparity related health issue and how you would make adjustments in your approach now.

3) Chapter 13 describes the impact of billboards and a social media campaign. What are your thoughts about this kind of political messaging and how it used. Describe the pros and cons. 

5. What strategies would enhance the effective influence of nurses as a collective special interest group in policy advocacy and electoral politics? Give some specific examples. (Chapters 67,70)

7) In what ways can nurses advocate for and enhance the work of one or more nursing professional organizations?  ( Chapter 67) Cite sources/ be specific with examples specific to the organization(s) chosen.