The knee-jerk reaction is the way of society, right now, eh?

                         “In my opinion…”

Have you learned to consider, to look deeper into things, to research — to do some philosophy??

      To make your time and life count??

Consider this URL: – you see that  uncertainties run deeper than racism, politics, religions, and inequality.

What is yours — what issue is your passion?

DIG INTO something you really care about: cats, sports, fashion, cats, health care, engineering, dogs, cooking, cats… for whatever you have a passion — a show me in five (or so) pages that you can understand it with some philosophical depth when it comes to the ethics involved. The Philosophy of My Love and Reason for Living!!!  Well, yeah… not quite that crazy. 

Need at least four quotes/facts from respected thinkers to back your ideas, MLA heading, abstract, cites, works cited — the usual stuff.

Learn deeply.