Briefly outline the case including interventions and outcomes;

Clinical Practice Reflection Traumatic Brain Injury
1200 words
Assessment Details
Assessment Task 1
Task Description
Clinical Practice Reflection
Assessment task 1 requires submission of written case-based clinical practice reflections (submitted as clinical practice reflection 1).
Each submission requires reflection on practice of adult or paediatric neurological endocrine and renal conditions head and spine trauma chest injury and burns attended during the CAA301 semester period the same topic cannot be explored
Each clinical practice reflection must follow a structured reflective approach to present and analyse the case. Each clinical practice reflection should:
Briefly outline the case including interventions and outcomes;
Identify areas of clinical practice on the case that went well and what required improvement;
Include contemporary literary evidence to support discussion for or against the clinical practice undertaken;
Identify alterations to future practice subsequent to the clinical practice reflection and provide evidence-based rationale for those alterations.
Important note: Many formal reflective practice models include emotive self-reflection and first person language however these components are not to be included in the reflective cycle for these assessment tasks.

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