Byzantine Christianity work

Please complete these two separate short assignments. Assignment 1:for this assignment, submit a formal petition to emperor Constantine that outlines what you want to accomplish with this council (drawing upon your role sheet for this). it only needs to be a sizable paragraph and should be submitted early enough that the emperor can examine them before the council begins.

*don’t get bogged down on this, and spend more time focusing on your position paper

Attached was my role for the game to help with the assignments

Write responses to the following questions. And, seriously, please give honest feedback! I’m very curious what you thought about it, as well as what changes might make it better (or whether I should scrap it for a different kind of assignment). So I’d much prefer to hear what you actually think rather than what you think I want you to say.

  1. overall, how do you think this exercise went? what specifically stands out to you from the experience?
  2. what are two things that you learned from this game about Byzantine Christianity?
  3. describe your experience with your role? what helped? what made it more challenging?
  4. on a scale of 1-10 (1-least, 10-most), how useful/effective do you think this roleplaying game was as a component of your education? explain your view?
  5. what, if any, changes would you recommend making to it?