Cancer is a very complex disease having many causes.

Molecular Mechanisms of Mutation and DNA Discussion
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Cancer Genetics
Cancer is a very complex disease having many causes.
What are some causes of cancer?
Cancer can arise spontaneously but can also be induced as a result of environmental factors such as sun exposure and smoking. If you were in charge of allocating
resources for cancer prevention would you emphasize research on curing cancer or education about cancer prevention? Explain your answer.
Although tobacco smoking is responsible for a large number of human cancers not all smokers develop cancer. Why is this?
Pick a specific tumor suppressor gene or oncogene and explain how this gene can lead to or prevent cancer. Be sure to focus on the mechanism of how your chosen gene
impacts the cell cycle. You can alternatively pick a virus that has been associated with cancer and explain how that virus impacts the cell cycle and ultimately leads
to cancer.
Address all Discussion topics. Your initial post should be at least 200 words and contain references; excluding references
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Title: Genetics Essentials
Edition: 2nd (2013)
Author: Pierce
Publisher: Bedford/St. Martins
Book ISBN: 9781429295161
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