Case study and solution

For this assignment you will be reading a case study and watching a documentary about energy usage. The case study is given in the document attached above and the documentary is given in the Section 4 energy folder. After reviewing both you will be coming up a solution to the case study questions. This solution should be given in the form of a paper that is a minimum of 2 pages in length and includes 2 references used. This solution should be discussed using the 5 questions that are asked below the case study. These will include you explaining types of renewable energy sources available, pros and cons for renewable energy resources, explaining how a person’s actions can effect a communities decision to use renewable energy resources and finally your discussion on which alternative energy source you believe is best. Feel free to use information from the documentary, powerpoints and your textbook to assist with answering these questions.

Please remember the questions are to be used as a guideline for the flow of your paper. You may answer the questions separately if this will help you incorporate all the answers into your paper. However, I will only be grading the final paper as a whole and looking for your answers within the paper so make sure they are included there as well.

Formatting Guidelines: 1 inch margins on all sides, double-spaced, 12-point easy-to-read font.