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presentation outline about The Impact of Overharvesting on Kelp Forest Ecosystems

Presentation Outline about “TheImpact of Overharvesting on Kelp Forest Ecosystems” – Include the title (an informativetitle regarding your topic … e.g., Habitat Loss Alters Trophic Interactions inMultiple Ecosystems)– 1-2 pages (single-spaced)– Bullet point format cover the entire presentation from introduction toconclusion– Shows structure of presentation:o Introduction/Backgroundo Ecological Impact/ Example #1 Example of impact can be […]

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Ecology Question

– I am in Group #6 on the topic of Pollution– Articles 1-10 are the articles I have chosen.– 5 References assignment for articles 1-5 for reference– Guidelines added for the outline– Order of assignments: 5 references —> Outline —-> Rough Draft —> Final Draft w/ Presentation- I will likely work again with you for […]

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Discussion #3 Questions

Read Jellison et al 2016.pdfDownload Jellison et al 2016.pdf Find the discussion questions here: Discussion #3 Questions_ Jellison et al 2016.doc Discussion #3 Questions_ Jellison et al 2016.docx Add your answers to the word document and upload using the TurnItIn link below. Note that TurnItIn compares responses to ensure students are turning in original work. […]

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