clinical notes

Create 6 SHORT case scenarios where children( 0-12 years ) need to visit psychiatrist office with any of the following disorders , including medication treatment .

Psychiatric Mental Health Disorders

Adjustment Disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Dissociative Disorder

Eating Disorder

Impulse-Control Disorder

Mood Disorder

Neurocognitive Disorder

Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Personality Disorder

Psychotic Disorder

Sexual Disorder

Sleep Disorder

Somatoform Disorder

Substance-Related & Addictive Disorder

Trauma & Stress-Related Disorder

I will attach an example

13 year old male patient comes to the clinic along with by his concerned parents who have noticed persistent difficulties in his academic and social functioning. Pt parents report that he has always been more impulsive, easily distracted, and fidgety compared to his peers. They’ve observed these behaviors since early childhood but became more pronounced . Will start patient on Ritalin 5 mg twice a day , will meet with patient and family on a weekly basis to monitor patient response and dose adjustmnet if needed