Create a hand written care plan

Instructions: Look at ATI Create and handwrite a short 5-minute care plan in your own words using the detailed description below. See the attachment. Submit into the Exam #2 Remediation Folder.

  1. Remediation: Create and handwrite a short 5-minute care plan on your patient surgical patient that is having a right total mastectomy with lymph node dissection.

a. Write the teaching for the procedure pre and post op.

b. Out of the items you wrote in (a.)what are the three priorities. Think ABC’s and safety.

c. Post op: Include the Patient Goal and anticipated medications and intervention in your words. Cite the resource.

d. Create a teaching and education plan for patient and family.

NO PLAGIARISM Should be found.

please handwrite it on a paper and send the picture of when when done.

lmk if you have any questions