Data Analytics Question

Throughout this course, you have learned quite a few things about Business Analytics.
For this assignment, you will develop a 4-5 page, (double spaced), APA formatted paper in which you:

1. Discuss the past, present, and potential future implications and uses of Business Analytics and Modeling. You may choose a specific field or give a detailed general overview of the concepts we have used throughout this course.

2. In your research, you should include background information, literature review, and descriptions of a timeline of BA’s necessary and vital uses.

3. Be sure to include a cover page, introduction, body, and conclusion. This assignment is developed to be flexible and allows you to be creative and present a good product, including some of the things you learned from the text.

4. At a minimum, you must include and adequately cite at least five sources in which three must be peer-reviewed. Scholars in the same field have reviewed a peer-reviewed (also called scholarly and academic) source to make sure that the information provided is accurate and worth publishing. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource.