Deliverable 3 – Environmental Law Infographic

Assignment Content

  1. Competency
    Determine how the environment and economies are interconnected.

    Student Success Criteria
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    You are a member of a community planning committee. The committee is reminding local citizens about recently enacted environmental laws. You are responsible for developing an infographic to showcase one of these new laws. The infographic will be displayed at the next community meeting in the community center.

    The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website contains information concerning laws and regulations that impact the environment. Search this  to choose one law to focus on.

    The infographic should contain:

    • A recently enacted environmental law (The law can be local or national, and focused on any part of an environment such as water, air, land, energy, wildlife, etc.)
    • Present the major players and the stakeholders (Who is involved and who is impacted by the new law?)
    • Examine the impact to the economy (Does the law help or hinder the economy and why? Do the benefits outweigh the costs?)
    • Identify the controversy surrounding the law (differences in opinion)
    • Your infographic should be clear and organized. References should be in APA format
    • Resources
      Please click  for information on creating an infographic.