describe your understanding of the efficacy of the program.

This 6 page minimum research paper will pick one psychoactive drug examined in the course for a more in-depth analysis. The psychoactive drug chosen will need to be researched in the professional literature. The research needs to use peer-reviewed literature as described in the document sharing section. The information needs to be cited in the body of the paper, and the full reference will be provided in a separate section at the end titled References The paper will look at all aspects of the chosen drugs impact on the person. How it impacts emotions, brain functions, internal organs and perception should be included. The methods of intake and any associated risks with those methods of intake need to be covered. Any withdrawal symptoms and / or medical complications of withdrawal. Additionally, describe three resources in your community that provide treatment for the subject drug, and the treatment model used. Please describe your understanding of the efficacy of the program. The paper will be written using the APA (American Psychological Association) Format version 6. For a detailed description of this format, see the course documents. This paper is due by the midnight of the last Wednesday of the class.

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