What is your gut reaction, if any, to Singers depiction of the treatment of veal calves and chickens on the modern industrialized farm? Did his article change your attitude toward the treatment of animals? Why or why not?

How would Kants ethical perspective on the moral status of animals compare or contrast with Singers? Explain how their ethical perspectives may determine how animals should be treated? Which one do you tend to favor and why?

Evaluate and debate a classmates post that opposes your view on the treatment of animals. Defend your position well using arguments from Kant and Singer, and/or from personal experiences.

  Is there validity to the claim that if you are a consumer of animal meat products, you are partially responsible for the horrible treatment of animals? If yes, what are some possible ways for such consumers to stop being party to the crime aside from simply boycotting meat products or turning vegetarian? If no, explain why you think there is no validity to this claim.

Give an argument for vegetarianism using any of ethical theories discussed up to this point in the course.