Discharge instructions


In this discussion board we will explore the importance of effective discharge instructions. Discharge instructions fulfill several crucial purposes. Firstly, they provide patients with information regarding their known, suspected, or preliminary diagnosis, as well as the name of their treating provider. Additionally, well-crafted discharge instructions serve to update both the patient and their primary care physician on the extent of the evaluation conducted, including any preliminary diagnostic test results and medications administered during their emergency department visit. This comprehensive communication can prove invaluable should the patient unexpectedly return to the same or another emergency department.

You are working in the emergency department and caring for a patient with a muscle strain to their back. The provider provides the following discharge instructions on a piece of paper:

Pretend Emergency Department

Discharge Instructions

Back Muscle Strain

Dear Patient,

You have a back muscle strain. Here are some things to do:

  1. Rest your back.
  2. Take some pain medicine.
  3. Use heat or ice.
  4. Avoid heavy lifting.

Thank you.


As a healthcare professional, you are aware that these discharge instructions will not be sufficient in providing education on the patient’s plan for treatment.

In your discussion board post, answer the following:

  • Do the discharge instructions empower patients to take an active role in their care? Evaluate whether the instructions provide patients with actionable information, guidance, and resources to manage their health post-discharge.
  • How well do the discharge instructions address patients’ individual needs, preferences, and concerns? Reflect on whether the instructions are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of diverse patient populations.
  • Are patients provided with sufficient information about their diagnosis, treatment plan, medications, and follow-up care? Assess the comprehensiveness of the instructions in covering essential aspects of post-discharge care.
  • Do the discharge instructions foster patient-provider communication and collaboration? Consider whether the instructions encourage patients to ask questions, seek clarification, and communicate their preferences and concerns with their healthcare providers.

For the Initial post:

    • You must post your initial posting before you can view your peers’ posts.
    • The lenght of this discussion is to be 250-300 words.
    • Two (2) references are required for the initial post.