Discuss what is meant by each of these dyads.

Assignment 3: Person-Situation Interaction
There are six ways in which a person and the situation interact to shape a person’s goals, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

These are:

1. Different persons respond differently to the same situation.

2. Situations choose the person.

3. Persons choose the situation.

4. Different situations can prime different parts of the person.

5. Persons change the situation.

6. Situations change the person.

As part of your answer:

Discuss what is meant by each of these dyads.
Provide an example of how each one works.
Assume you are a supervisor. How would you work within each of these situations with your employees to increase employee motivation?
How would your decisions be affected by each person-situation dyad?
Assume that you are an industrial/organizational consultant brought into the same office as asked to study these person-situation interactions
in order to advise management how to best put them to use to increase employee motivation which research design would you use?
Why is this design the best fit for this office situation?
Your combined response should be at least two pages (500 words) long.

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