Discuss what quality care is and how it can be effectively measured.

American Health Care System Paper instructions: No format needed. Siply questions 1-11 in cronological order 1. Describe the types of hospitals, ownership patterns, and differentiating patterns of the hospital system in America today. 2. How is long term care organized and financed? 3. How are mental health services paid for in america? 4. Explain the legal and regulatory issues related to the development of new pharmaceutical methods and drugs 5. The trend of employment in the health services industry have been positive for a number of years. Do you see this trend continuing, leveling off, or showing a reduction? Explain the reasoning behind your answer. 6. Historically how have health care principles and policy come about? Do you feel this is the most effective manner in which to determine these issues? Explain why or why not. 7. Discuss what quality care is and how it can be effectively measured. 8. Give three examples of issues that could be classified as ethical issues regarding health care provision in the United States. 9. What are some mechanisms for resolving eithical issues in health care? 10. Provide a definition of challenges facing the health care system in America today. 11. Briefly discuss your ideas for a universal health care system for the population of the United States.

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