Evaluate your gains in understanding and completing tasks

Analyse your own performance be honest with yourself
Evaluate your gains in understanding and completing tasks
Verbalize how you feel about your learning
Make connections with theory learned in class and labs
Demonstrate transfer of learning from class/lab to clinical
Integrate the concepts taught in other courses i.e. Pharmacology Counselling
What? So What? Now What?
What? Describe briefly but objectively what happened in clinical.
Answer the question What did I do read see hear etc?
So What? Interpret the events
Explain what you saw and heard;
Your new insights;
Your connections with class/lab learning your feelings etc;
Your hypotheses if any; your conclusions
Answer the question what might this mean? What was the reason I did this nursing action? What was the result? Was the result the same as I anticipated?
Now What? Evaluate the effectiveness of what was observed/learned and done
Make judgements clearly connected to observations made. Be honest use constructive criticism with yourself.
Evaluation answers the question What is my opinion about what I observed or experienced? Why?
Plan how this information will be useful to you
o What are your recommendations? (Be concrete) Consider how this learning experience can help you in the future?

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