Explain the goals and objectives and determine how they will be measured

ASSESSMENT 220:24Select and research a Consider the community in which you live and the various groups that have a significant presence in the community. and any other information you have found in your search of the major health care quality groups and the Capella library. Also, browse the Improving Quality and Patient Experience: The State of Health Care Quality 2013 report linked in the Resources. Take the viewpoint of a consultant presenting this information to a health care administrator.Discuss the importance of your chosen HEDIS measurement.Explain why the organization should address the HEDIS measure you propose. Provide statistics and details to support your position.Integrate the financial benefits of working with this specific data to improve organizational integration of your HEDIS measure.20:24Describe and define the primary quality initiatives developed in the ACA. Explain the goals and objectives and determine how they will be measured.Additional RequirementsInclude a title page and a references page.Include an introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.Include a minimum of three research resources.Follow APA guidelines for style and formatting.

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