how do the common causes of vomiting differ in infants children and adolescents?

common pediatric illness
Only use scholarly sources dated within the last 5 years. The use of wikipedia mayo clinic etc. will not be accepted and the assignment will receive a zero.Pediatric Primary Care read the following chapters:
Using your course and text readings and the University Online Library research about the following:
Assessment diagnostic testing and management of diarrhea and vomiting in a pediatric patient.
Assessment and evaluation of abdominal pain in pediatric patients.
Assessment and evaluation of dysuria hematuria and proteinuria in the pediatric population.
Once you have completed your research respond to the following questions:
Which essential questions will you ask a pediatric patient or their caregiver when the presenting complaint is bloody diarrhea? Will these questions vary depending upon the childs age? Why or why not?
How do the common causes of vomiting differ in infants children and adolescents? What clinical or historical findings will indicate the need for diagnostic studies and why? Which diagnostic studies will you initially order and why?
What are the various ways in which UTIs manifest in pediatric patients? How are UTIs managed differently depending on the age of the patients? Which diagnostic studies would you recommend considering the age of a patient and why? When would you recommend prophylactic antibiotics to pediatric patients and why?

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