How do you define health?

For this activity, you need to talk to people about health and illness and reflect on the event after the experience. The reflection (your thoughts about the experience) is to be noted in the online journal you began in Module 1. Remember: Your journal is accessible only to you and to me. There is no public viewing; I will not share any personal information with classmates. However, in discussion, I may discuss aggregate views or trends if they become apparent.Your role in this activity is to:1.Interview at least 5 people.2.Ask each person two questions: How do you define health? How do you define illness?3.Listen for references to stress in relation to wellness, and whether wellness is discussed in terms of absence or stress, causes of stress, and the use of terms such as “handling” stress.4.As you engage, reflect on the interaction taking place.5.Think about your own definition of health and illness, as well as the role of stress.6.Create a journal entry responding to questions on the Module 4 Observation and Reflection form [file size 65 KB].7.Submit the reflective journal entry by the end of the week but before participating in the discussion

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