How should BCC strategize to avoid staffing shortages in the future?

This is the caseCASE Behavioral Care Center (BCC) is a 50-bed inpatient, mental health hospital. Recently, BCC has had shortages of staff that at times have restricted the hospitals ability to admit patients. The most needed positions are RNs, LPNs, and direct patient care staff known as behavioral assistants (BAs). In order to have full coverage in the hospital, BCC needs to hire seven RNs, three LPNs, and six BAs. The HR department posts openings on the hospitals website and encourages staff to refer friends and family to apply. Representatives from the public relations department have attended a number of job fairs to encourage applicants to apply. These strategies have normally worked for BCC. However, recently the results have not been forthcoming and the shortages are increasingly more concerning. Consequently, to deal with this crisis a task force composed of department heads has been established. The role of the task force is to evaluate the recruitment situation and make recommendations. Questions 1. What recruitment strategies should the task force consider? 2. How should BCC strategize to avoid staffing shortages in the future? END NOTESReferenceFlynn, W. J. (2016). Healthcare Human Resource Management, 3rd Edition. [Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from

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