Identify and describe your own cultural background.

Internal Code: MAS4151 Healthcare Assignment: It is important to recognise diversity within Indigenous Australia and to understand there is not one cultural model that fits all Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultural groups. However, there is a common bond across Indigenous groups with respect to connection to Country and its important relationship to health and wellbeing. 1) Identify the Australian postcode and the corresponding town/suburb of the area where you are currently living or studying. Identify the Traditional Custodians of that postcode using a credible source of information and provide a written Acknowledgement of Country to the Traditional Custodians. 2) Identify and discuss the relationship of Country to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous Australians. 3) Identify and describe your own cultural background. Reflect on how your own cultural background influences your beliefs about health and wellbeing and your choice of health care. Include in this section a discussion on whether Country or where you live influence your own health and management of illness. 20 total views, 2 views today

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