Identify and discuss the core concepts and theory of nursing.

Essay: Exploring a key nursing concept. Word Count: 1500
You are required to choose a key nursing concept from the list below that applies to professional nursing practice in your field of practice (Adult Mental Health Child Learning Disability). You need to clearly define the concept of care and give a clear rationale why this is important to your field of nursing practice. It should be explored and an explanation provided of how this concept relates to the role of the nurse in providing quality care and to the patient experience. Comment on its significance to informing your practice as a future nurse is also required.
Examples of Key nursing concepts of care:
Advocacy (and Empowerment)
Dignity & Respect
Patient Centred Care
Module Learning Outcomes tested in this assignment are:
Learning Outcome 1 Identify and discuss the core concepts and theory of nursing.
Learning Outcome 2 Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of contemporary nursing practice in all fields.
Learning Outcome 3 Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the importance of engaging with people and building caring professional and ethical relationships to deliver person centred care.

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