Identify the reasons why some groups succeeded and others did not.

Hello each of the following questions has to be answered in 2 paragraphs. Chapter 14: The Union Reconstructed. 1) 14.1. What were the major differences between northern presidential and congressional plans for Reconstruction? 2) 14.2. (*) At the end of the Civil War, what were the goals and dreams of (1) defeated Confederate White Southerners, (2) victorious White Northerners, and (3) freedpeople, both those recently emancipated from slavery and the population already freed before the War? How did each of their goals differ, and what was similar? Discuss each group separately. Chapter 15: The Realities of Rural America 3) 15.1. (*) Compare and contrast the treatment of Native Americans and African Americans in this period. Identify the similarities and differences. 4) 15.3. What were the factors for the failure of the “New South” in achieving its goals? Cite specific examples. Chapter 16: The Rise of Smokestack America 5) 16.1. Identify factors that explain the rise of the United States to industrial and economic prominence in the late 19th century. 6) 16.2. Explain which demographic groups were able to realize “the American dream” of success and which demographic groups experienced more difficulties. Identify the reasons why some groups succeeded and others did not. 7) 16.4. (*) Describe and characterize the politics of the “Gilded Age.” How do these politics compare with politics today?

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