Luis Blackman Story

Answer the following questions:

1. Is this an ethical problem?

2. How can studying this example aid in understanding the themes of nursing ethics?

3. Why are ethics important in nursing?

4. Why do you need to be able to distinguish facts from values or opinions in order to resolve ethical conflicts?

5. What is the difference between accountability and responsibility? Provide examples. 

6. Why should you study ethical approaches like utilitarianism or deontology?

7. What nursing actions are more likely to result in complaints of nursing negligence or malpractice?

8. Why is it so important to keep the health care provider informed of patient status?

9. What is standard of proof? How can you determine what a reasonably prudent nurse would do under similar circumstances?

10. What is the difference between the scope of nursing and nursing standards? Why are both important?

Use this link to watch the videos and answer the questions: