Mental Health in black communities


Here is some additional guidance for completing the M7A1 assignment.

In this assignment, you will finally submit your completed white paper.  Hooray!!!

So the assignment you submit will consist of:



And the Conclusions and Implications section you will write for the M7A1 assignment.

For M7A1, this additional content will consist of two headings:

Conclusions and Implications

In the Conclusions section, you can finally insert your own opinions.  Provide a summary of any final conclusions you have.  You are basically summarizing any final thoughts you have, anything else you want to emphasize in terms of what you think is important.  This might include further action that needs to be undertaken at the federal level, attitude change, additional funding, education, or further research that needs to be conducted. 

Ideally, Conclusions and implications should be around 2 double-spaced pages.

And dont forget to include your References section at the end of your white paper.

Attached is a template for your final paper!

More details

  1. Compile your work to date into one cohesive white paper document
  2. Add a Conclusions and Implications section
  3. Add an abstract
  4. Carefully edit your entire white paper for submission.
  • Carefully review the feedback I have given you and make any needed changes.
  • Add a title page.
  • Add a short abstract that informs the reader what will be addressed.
  • Write a short introduction (no more than 1-2 paragraphs) that introduces your topic.
  • Add headings. See the white paper resources for guidance, particularly the Purdue OWL resource.
  • Be sure that your References page includes all references you have accumulated over this project.

Instructor feedbacks: 

M2.4: Evidence based literature review

good work overall.  Just a little more depth of discussion was needed in terms of how you applied the TRAAP method.  APA format is accurate. 

M3.4: Main body: 

good work overall on the main body of your white paper.  The introduction is a very clear overview of your topic and makes it clear where you are going in your paper.  The background section clarifies the importance of your topic, good use of references here.  Demographics are also clear, just enough information.  The analysis of the current state and stakeholders is headed in the right direction but needed more development.  The needs/gaps are clearly stated, another important part of your paper.  You used your references well.  And good writing, good APA format. 

M5.4 Prior Efforts and Recommendations: 

you only needed to submit M5, not the complete white paper, so you confused me.  After going back, I realized what happened.  I think you provided a solid overview of what has been done to date to address this issue, the effort you described was well supported with research, which made it more credible.  In your analysis, you discussed both success and failure, some good analysis here, insightful.  And your recommended solution is reasonable and relevant, and described in adequate detail to be understandable.  Again, good use of evidence-based research here.